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The Reward of Microchipping Your Pet

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If you have ever lost a pet, you know all too well that sinking feeling, the panic, and the fear of what may happen to them. It can happen so fast. A door left open, a trip to the park or a slipped collar are all opportunities for the worst to happen. We feel the pain and worry when we see the posters up around our neighborhood—“Lost Pet. Reward. Have You Seen Me?”

Consider getting your pet microchipped if you have not already done so. A microchip is one of the best ways to protect your pet. A microchip is a form of permanent identification for your pet. If your pet should get lost, it is very likely that they will be returned home if they have a microchip to help identify them and where they belong.

Here is how it works: Your veterinarian inserts a tiny, hypoallergenic, glass-encased capsule just under your pet’s skin. The procedure is quick and relatively painless. Inside the capsule is a tiny microchip that is programmed with a unique identification number. The microchip doesn’t need batteries or any power source and lasts your pet’s lifetime. You or your veterinarian need to register your pet’s number with the microchip company. This is critical because registering the microchip links your pet’s information and your contact information to the microchip number in the database. Without registering your pet’s microchip, it can be more difficult and sometimes not possible to trace your pet back to you.

Veterinarians, animal shelters, and rescues nationwide know to scan for microchips. When a stray animal or lost pet is brought to a facility, the first step is to scan them to see if the animal has a microchip. If they find one, they can look up the identification number that leads them to your phone number, address, and any contact information. Thousands of pets have been reunited with their families thanks to microchips. Collars and tags are other important forms of identification for your pet. However, microchips don’t wear out, they won’t fall off, and are not dependent on wearing a particular collar or leash.

At Blue Lake Animal Hospital we encourage pet owners to consider equipping their pets with a microchip. We want the best for our pets and yours. A microchip is a simple way to make sure that if your pet should get separated from you, they can be easily identified and safely returned home.

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