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Microchip Identification

Microchip Identification

What is Microchip Identification?

You want to do everything to keep your furry friend happy and healthy. Yet even the most diligent pet owners face unexpected challenges. Against your best planning, pets of all kinds can slip away and get lost, leaving you a worried mess. Blue Lake Animal Hospital helps you prepare for the worst by microchipping your cat or dog. Microchip identification can help you reunite with your pet should it escape or become lost, providing you a sense of comfort and security. Here’s what you should know about microchipping. 

Every pet owner deserves peace of mind. Knowing your pet can be identified if lost takes a load of pressure from your shoulders. With microchip identification, your animal receives a unique ID that is used to identify it via a special recovery system. Having a microchip helps immensely in finding your pet should it arrive at a shelter or be found by someone. You’ll be able to identify your pet and prevent it from being taken by the wrong person.  

The microchipping process is quite simple. We will insert a device under the surface of your pet’s skin. This device is the size of a grain of rice and cannot be removed. The procedure doesn’t involve anesthesia or surgery, so there’s minimal discomfort. Your pet will have a quick recovery time and feel normal soon afterward.

A Dalmatian running through an open field representing how Caledonia pet microchip identification can help keep you pet safe.

The Benefits of Microchipping

A microchip does not need to be charged, so you don’t have to worry about it running out of battery. It will always work once the recovery system scans the pet. Furthermore, it cannot be removed or fall off, meaning it will deter pet theft. There is no risk of it breaking either, so it’s a highly dependable way to identify your pet.

Some of the benefits to consider include:

  • Higher Recovery Rate. According to some studies, cats that were microchipped had a 20 times higher chance of being returned to their owners. This provides peace of mind knowing should the worst happen, your pet will most likely be found.
  • Affordable. Microchipping is an affordable choice that’s well worth the investment. In exchange for a reasonable price, your pet will have an irreplaceable tool that easily identifies it.
  • Durable. Microchips are made of non-biodegradable materials that last your pet’s lifetime. They are durable and high quality, so you only need to microchip the animal once.
  • Simple Procedure. Microchipping is done with a single injection, minimizing pain and discomfort. In fact, the needle used to insert a microchip isn’t much larger than that used for vaccinations.  

Microchipping is often misunderstood as a device with tracking abilities. Contrary to common belief, a microchip cannot connect to GPS or be used to locate your pet. It simply helps with the identification process, not the actual searching stages. However, with so many benefits, microchipping is still a great option since it significantly increases the chances of reuniting with your pet. 

Talk to Our Veterinarians About Microchipping

Microchipping is an effective way to keep tabs on your pet and ensure a safe return should they be found. Blue Lake Animal Hospital provides microchipping. Talk to our veterinarians today.

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