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Dr. William, DVM

Dr. William is one of our Senior Veterinarians and co-founder of Blue Lake Animal Hospital. Dr. Will combines a deep passion for medicine and surgical procedures with a love for nature and for animals. He majored in Biology at Calvin College, where  he participated in a research project studying the effects of heavy metals, such as mercury poisoning, on wild bird populations. He spent that summer on and around the Great Lakes,  gathering blood samples from the birds, which was not always an easy task.

At Ross University College of Veterinary Medicine and then Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Will developed his passion for innovative medicine and surgical techniques. After graduation, Dr. Will began his career in corporately-owned veterinary hospitals. He quickly realized that the corporations focused on profit margins rather than outcomes, and behind the scenes treated the client as a number rather than as real people with real names. Dr. Will realized that there is a real need for a family veterinary practice that specializes in the needs of the local community.

He founded Blue Lake Animal Hospital, along with his wife and partner veterinarian, Dr. Heather, with the goal of providing excellence in veterinary medicine and in customer service. At Blue Lake Animal Hospital, Dr. Will is dedicated to both the pet parents and their pets. They are members of the Blue Lake family. Dr. Will continually works to deliver the very best customer service and the very top medical care.

Dr. Will has a passion for learning and expanding his knowledge and abilities in veterinary medicine. He practices general medicine, treating a wide variety of pets including dogs, cats, pocket pets, exotics and some large animals. He specializes in orthopedic medicine, and has learned and developed treatments for orthopedic surgeries that are cost-effective while providing exceptional outcomes for damaged or worn bones and joints. He is currently working on developing therapy options for orthopedic patients including post-surgical care and physical therapy that helps patients heal faster and get back to strength.

Dr. Will is married to Dr. Heather, and they have two young children. They also have their fur family, including a sweet English Bulldog, a special-needs French Bulldog, and an energetic Golden Retriever puppy. They additionally routinely care at home for a variety of patients who need long-term nurture, care, and rehabilitation. Their children enjoy an interesting home!

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More About Dr. Will

Dr. Will loves being part of the Blue Lake Animal Hospital team. He is proud of his employee team members who show expertise and competency in each of their fields. Due to the clinic serving such a wide variety of patients, the doctors and staff are constantly challenged to learn new medical information and techniques. Blue Lake Animal Hospital is a unique and challenging environment where there are new things to learn every day. Dr. Will began the hospital with the goal of creating a family environment where our team members, our patients and the families who love them will be part of our family. He constantly works to achieve that goal, and is excited to become a vital part of the community.

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