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How to Tell If Your Pet Is In Pain

Animals have distinct ways of communicating with us. Their barks, meows and chirps for attention let us know when they are demanding food or playtime. But how do you know if your pet is in pain? While the signs aren’t always immediately obvious, there are several symptoms to…

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Vet-Approved Methods for Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth

Between cavities, gingivitis and tooth loss, it’s no surprise that oral hygiene is an essential part of keeping your pet healthy. Daily brushing can make all the difference in your pet’s energy by protecting it against infections, inflammation and other associated issues. For most pet owners, however, this…

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Do I Need to Give My Dog Heartworm Medicine Year-Round?

Here at Blue Lake Animal Hospital, we create innovative care strategies founded on proven veterinary techniques to keep your pet healthy. One of the best methods is to prevent health problems from occurring in the first place, and so we approach your pet’s wellness with their current and…

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