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Your pets are an important part of your family, and you love seeing them happy and energetic. That’s why regular veterinary exams are key. Undiagnosed diseases in pets can cause severe and even fatal health problems, but if the problem is identified early, your pet can still live a healthy, long life. Blue Lake Animal Hospital provides a range of diagnostic services to identify and treat diseases in your pets. We monitor the progression of diseases and your pet’s response to treatment. Using the latest veterinary technology, we quickly diagnose your pet to deliver the care they need. 

Our Diagnostic Services

Treating a pet’s health problems begins by identifying its root cause. We aim to deliver comprehensive veterinary services you can rely on time and time again. No matter what your pet needs, expect outstanding care provided by our talented team. Our veterinary diagnostic services include: 

  • Electrocardiograms (ECG): Our veterinarians are experienced in cardiology for pets and perform ECGs to detect issues related to the heart. Using special technology, we’ll record the electrical output of your pet’s heartbeats. The results indicate a healthy heart or one that is at risk for heart disease and other problems.  
  • Blood Tests: Blood work is used to check for certain diseases. We take blood samples with minimal discomfort for your pet. You can expect a fast turnaround and accurate results from our lab. 
  • Microscopic Examinations: We may need a closer look at a problem, which may warrant microscopic inspection. Some diseases must be diagnosed through a thorough examination. For instance, we might examine a tissue sample under a microscope to look for abnormalities in cellular composition or growth. 
  • Imaging: X-rays and ultrasounds let us take a better look at your pet’s internal health. 
  • Urinalysis: A urine sample can reveal the presence of systemic issues, such as diabetes and infections. 

Some of our other diagnostic tests include complete blood count (CBC), stool sample analysis and more. Each of these tests provides unique insight into the situation, so depending on your pet’s symptoms, we may recommend a single test or a combination.  

What to Expect

During your appointment, our technicians will do routine tests on your pet, such as measuring its weight and blood pressure. Depending on your pet’s symptoms, we’ll recommend different testing. We want you to fully understand what’s wrong with your pet, so we take the time to explain the testing and what the results mean. We’ll outline the possible treatments and solutions as well so you can confidently make a decision that’ll benefit your pet. 

If we’ve found a potential problem, our veterinarians will proceed to treatment. We’ll discuss treatment options, so you know what to anticipate as your pet receives the care they need.  Sometimes, we’ll need to perform further testing to uncover the issue.  

Call Us to Schedule a Checkup

If your pet has concerning symptoms, it’s time for a checkup. Our team at Blue Lake Animal Hospital will do a thorough examination and order diagnostic testing if necessary. Your pet’s wellbeing is important to our veterinarians, so we do everything we can to deliver the quality treatments and comfort you need during such a stressful time. Contact us to plan your visit. 

More Services

More Services We’re Offering

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Preventive Medicine

Prevention is key to supporting your pet’s ongoing health. We devise an individualized strategy to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Surgical Services

We perform standard and specialized surgeries to address your pet’s health concerns, including spays, tumor removal, orthopedic surgeries, and more.


Vaccinations are an important part of preventing communicative diseases. Keep your pet up-to-date on their vaccinations right at our office.

Dental Care

Dental health is essential to your pet’s overall wellness. Our dental services cover all of your pet’s oral health needs, from tooth extraction to cleaning.

Heartworm Prevention

Year-round heartworm prevention is key to keeping your pet healthy. We provide FDA-approved treatments to prevent infection.

Flea & Tick Prevention

Fleas and ticks aren’t just a nuisance: they pose a serious threat to your pet’s health. Protect your pet with preventative medicine.

Pocket Pets

Pocket pets have unique health needs. Our team addresses your pet’s health issues and develops a strategy, so they feel like their energetic self.

Reproductive Care

We provide comprehensive reproductive care for pets, including artificial insemination, neonatal care, fertility exams, and more.

Emergency Service

Rely on us when your pet needs urgent care. We know emergencies are stressful, so we treat urgent health concerns with the utmost care.

Orthopedic Surgery

Various orthopedic problems with your pet can call for surgical operations, and our vets have a wide range of experience handling orthopedic issues.