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Dr. Heather, DVM

Dr. Heather is one of Blue Lake Animal Hospital’s Senior Veterinarians and co-founder of the hospital. She is married to our Senior Veterinarian, Dr. Will, and they have 2 children. The doctors also have several pets, including Lincoln, a 1-year-old English Bulldog that they raised from day 1 due to him being born with a cleft palate. After hand raising and surgery to repair the cleft palate, Lincoln is now a sweet, spoiled dog with a tendency to be naughty but loved all the more. Pringles is their special needs French Bulldog. The doctors love Frenchies and Bulldogs! Walter is their Golden Retriever puppy who likes to cuddle.  The family also includes a bird and a tortoise. Other animals stay at their home from time to time as medical needs arise.

Dr. Heather has always had a passion for caring for animals. From the time she can remember, she has loved learning about and working with animals. She began by taking care of her pets at home as well as helping to take care of the farm animals on her grandfather’s farm. Dr. Heather set her heart on veterinary medicine from a young age and worked hard over the years to fulfill her goal.

Dr. Heather majored in Animal Science at Michigan State University and has her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree (DVM) from Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine. She additionally has a Masters Degree in Food Safety. After graduation, she began her professional career in a privately owned Veterinary Hospital in Albion, Michigan. She moved to a corporately-owned Veterinary Hospital in Hastings, Michigan where she met Dr. Will.

After working in the veterinary practice for 10 years and experiencing two different styles of hospitals firsthand, Dr. Heather saw a large need for a well-managed, privately owned veterinary clinic. She enjoys the freedom to help her patients receive the best care possible, the room to pursue and develop her specialties, and the ability to provide a family atmosphere for clients and staff members. Together with her husband and fellow veterinarian, Dr. Will, they are working together to make their concept of a top-flight, state-of-the-art, family-friendly animal hospital a reality.

Dr. Heather specializes in general medicine, surgery, and reproductive medicine, as well as exotics and pocket pets. Dr. Heather loves working as a part of the Blue Lake team because they work together not just as a team but as a family. She enjoys seeing the staff come together to provide excellent care and customer service to each Blue Lake Animal Hospital patient and their families. Each individual staff member brings their unique talents, which work together to create a special environment and experience for everyone involved.  In addition, she says, “A solid education/foundation is so important for working in a veterinary hospital. I enjoy teaching our staff and educating our clients and pet families so that we can all be  part of providing the best care for each of the pets we see.”

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Dr. Heather loves learning new ways to treat your pet and provide the best care possible. Her areas of special interest are reproductive medicine and pocket pet medicine. 

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