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Senior Pet Care

Senior Pet Care

Specialized Care for Your Senior Pet

Keeping your pet healthy at every stage of its life is important, especially when it becomes a senior. Older pets require specialized care to help them stay happy and healthy. They are susceptible to many of the same chronic health problems that affect humans, making regular care essential.

Blue Lake Animal Hospital is committed to providing the highest level of veterinary services for pets of all ages. Senior pets require specialized care that takes into account their individual health needs. We provide the services needed to help them live a longer, happier life. Here’s what to know about caring for a senior pet.

Senior Pet Care Needs

Aging pets have so much love to offer. No matter how old or young your pet is, it deserves attentive veterinary care. Whether you recently adopted a senior pet or wish to provide the best support possible for a lifelong friend, our veterinarians are here to help. Older pets undergo a number of physical changes both expected and unexpected. It’s important to differentiate what’s normal from abnormal: 

  • Increased vocalization
  • Confusion
  • Decreased response to commands
  • Changes in sleeping habits
  • Repetitive activity

While some changes are natural, others may be indications of a cognitive or physical health problem. With our veterinarians, you can plan for and treat these issues.  

What to Consider When Caring for an Elderly Pet

Keeping your elderly pet healthy is easy with the help of a trusted vet. We provide dependable advice and help you make necessary adjustments at-home and to your pet’s vet visits to optimize its wellbeing. Here’s what you should consider as the years pass by: 

  • Weight Control. Weight gain in dogs and cats is known to increase risk of certain systemic diseases. 
  • Mobility. Just like people, exercise can help older pets maintain proper mobility. We can help you and your pet find the right exercise regimen to promote healthy joints and strong muscles. 
  • Home Environment. Senior pets may have trouble walking up and down stairs, or may have decreased depth perception. Making necessary adjustments to your home will keep your pet safe as they age. 
  • Increased Veterinary Care. Older pets need to visit the vet more frequently. Semi-annual visits let our team catch early signs of degenerative disease and get in-depth results for dental work, blood tests and other exams. 
  • Vaccinations. Often, a pet’s vaccination needs change as they age. We accommodate these needs and can determine the right frequency for vaccines. 

There are many other possible considerations unique to your pet, such as diet, physical activity and more. We consider all of these during regular checkups, as this helps us build an effective preventative wellness plan. Senior pets may require extra care and attention, but with the help of our compassionate veterinarians, it’s possible for your pet to feel great even near the later stages of its life.  

Contact Us Today

If you have an elderly pet, depend on Blue Lake Animal Hospital for compassionate care. We believe that animals can stay healthy well into the later stages of their life: all it takes is regular appointments and preventative care. To learn more about our services for senior pets, call us today.

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