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Flea & Tick Prevention

Flea & Tick Prevention

Methods to Prevent Fleas & Ticks

Fleas and ticks are external parasites that can cause discomfort and other health issues to pets. Fleas are wingless insects and have a lifespan of about 100 days. Fleas spend their lifetime on a host’s body laying eggs and surviving there. Ticks are bigger than fleas and belong to the Arachnid or spider family. There are different species and sizes ticks with a lifespan of up to three years.

Ticks and fleas that are left unchecked can cause a variety of illnesses for you pet. Fleas can cause anemia, allergic reactions, and tapeworm infections. Ticks can spread Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and several other diseases. Prevention is the best way to keep your pets safe from fleas and ticks. Keep reading to learn various methods you can use for your pet to prevent, treat, and heal from fleas and ticks.

If you believe your pet is infested with fleas and ticks, there are multiple ways to treat them. We recommend you call Blue Lake Animal Hospital for advice on how to treat your pet and schedule an appointment with our team of veterinary professionals who will find the best way to treat your pet. It’s important to note that flea and tick preventatives for dogs, should not be used on cats and often are toxic to cats.

Here are the various methods to treat and prevent fleas:

  • FLEA COMBS – Flea combs are used to help find adult fleas or flea dirt on your pet. Using a flea comb also helps remove the stubborn adult fleas currently on your pet. The adult fleas you see on your pet are only five percent of the total infestation.
  • SOAP BATHSFor young kittens or puppies that are too young for flea and tick preventatives, Dawn dish soap baths can help kill and remove adult fleas. Please note that this does not prevent or kill ticks and it does not prevent new fleas from getting on your pet.
  • TOPICAL SOLUTIONMost topical solutions protect your pet against fleas and ticks for a month. These are useful for pets that are difficult to medicate with oral medications or have food allergies.
  • ORAL MEDICATIONOral flea and tick preventatives work the fastest to kill fleas and ticks making them preferred for most pets. These are also preferred for pets with flea bite allergies.

A proper flea and tick treatment plan requires treating all pets in the household for the appropriate amount of time. While fleas tend to cause more issues during the warm weather months, ticks are active year round on any day above freezing temperatures. We recommend year-round flea and tick prevention for your pets.

Contact Blue Lake Animal Hospital for Flea and Tick Prevention

Remember to inspect your dogs and cats regularly for fleas and ticks. Always check behind their ears, around their eyes, lips, collar, legs, and between their toes for ticks. You can find fleas commonly in the fur over the back and rump area of your pet. Consult with Blue Lake Animal Hospital to determine what flea and tick treatment is best for your pets.

At Blue Lake Animal Hospital, we are dedicated to helping your animal heal and stay healthy. We know how important your pet is to you and you can trust us to find the best treatment for your pet. Call us today to schedule an appointment at Blue Lake Animal Hospital.

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