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Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery

Signs Your Pet Needs Surgery

Just like human beings, pets also experience orthopedic problems, especially if they are active. If they are not active, it may be because your pet is in pain or injured, and they are unable to communicate it. Orthopedic issues in pets include joint pain, osteoarthritis, muscle injuries, and bone issues. They usually occur due to injuries or accidents. In other cases, they can be due to genetic predisposition to the disorder. 

When your pet continues to show signs of pain after an injury, it should not be ignored. Their initial injury could result in underlying issues that you, as their owner, cannot diagnose on your own and will need the advice of a veterinarian. Our team of veterinary professionals at Blue Lake Animal Hospital is prepared to help you and your pet with any orthopedic problems. While many orthopedic problems can be easily remedied using medications and joint supplements, there are certain cases where only surgical intervention can help. At Blue Lake Animal Hospital, we are experienced in orthopedic surgery, and we ensure our patients are well taken care of. 

Various orthopedic problems can call for surgical operations in your pets. We recommend arranging an appointment with your vet as soon as you notice signs of orthopedic issues with your companion. You can watch for apparent symptoms such as difficulty jumping, reduced movements, swaying gaits, limping, obvious pain, etc.  

If you believe your pet may be dealing with problems that may need veterinary attention, please contact our office as soon as possible to schedule an appointment at our clinic. Below are a few common conditions that may require orthopedic surgery:

  • Hip DysplasiaHip dysplasia is a genetic condition that affects your pet’s hips. It’s a common condition that we see often in large breed dogs, but even cats and small dogs can have hip dysplasia. This condition may be managed using anti-inflammatory medications and joint supplements.  However, a surgical operation may be necessary in cases where medications fail to restore your pet’s quality of life.
  • Patellar Luxation The patella in you pet is the same as your kneecap. When your pet’s patella has issues, it slips out of the groove responsible for holding it in place. This usually occurs if the groove is too shallow. In pets, patellar luxation or knee joint dislocation has varying degrees of severity. We see this issue more commonly in small breed dogs, but it can occur in large breed dogs as well. In severe cases, we often recommend surgical repair.
  • Cruciate Ligament Tear/ACL Tear – This is a condition that affects your pet’s anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) that keeps the knee functioning normally. This can occur due to an injury, trauma, or from genetic factors. Rest and medications can help alleviate the pain. However, a torn ACL commonly requires surgical repair. Surgery helps to stabilize the knee immediately and reduce pain and arthritis that may develop in your pet’s knees.

Contact Us at Blue Lake Animal Hospital 

At Blue Lake Animal Hospital, we are dedicated to treating any orthopedic injuries your pet may have.  Bring your pet into Blue Lake Animal Hospital for an orthopedic exam and overall wellness check. Annual check ups help us monitor your pet and find potential health issues earlier. At Blue Lake Animal Hospital we want your pet to be healthy.

If you believe your pet is dealing with an orthopedic issue, please contact our animal hospital or visit our website and contact us online.

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