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Keeping Your Pet’s Mouth Healthy

As a pet owner, you have many responsibilities. You have to provide food and water for them, offer appropriate exercise, show them love and attention, and attend regular health care visits with a reputable veterinarian

At Blue Lake Animal Hospital, you can rely on our experienced team of veterinary professionals to provide you with the best pet dental care possible in Caledonia and Grand Rapids. Make an appointment to discuss your pet’s dental health with a veterinarian at Blue Lake Animal Hospital today!

If there is one thing your pet will thank you for, besides bringing them to Blue Lake Animal Hospital for pet dental care, is providing the necessary at-home dental care for your pet. At-home pet dental care helps to minimize health care issues that may necessitate invasive and expensive treatments.

Continue reading this post to see how you can improve your pet’s dental care to keep them healthy for a lifetime to come.

  • Brush Daily – Just like you do, it’s good to brush your pet teeth daily. Depending on your pet, you can adopt various brushing options. For instance, finger brushes, cotton swabs, actual soft-bristled toothbrushes, and gauze can be used with enzymatic pet formulated toothpaste to brush their teeth. It may take a little trial and error until you discover the best option that cleans your pet’s teeth in the most comfortable manner possible.
  • Offer the Most Appropriate Treats – There are various treats for pets that are said to be good for oral health and cleanliness. Don’t just assume anything will be good for your pet. Instead, look for the treats with the VOHC seal (Veterinary Oral Health Council). Such treats have been tested and proven safe for your pet’s dental health.
  • Look for Possible Signs of Dental Disorders – Since your pet won’t tell you how they feel, it’s your responsibility to check for possible signs of dental diseases. Some things to look for include bad breath, drooling, pawing at the mouth, loose or missing teeth, red/receding/bleeding gums, etc.
  • Regular Veterinarian Exams are A Must – Your pet’s veterinarian is exceptionally trained to spot dental problems that can be dealt with if observed early. Your vet can show you the most viable ways to offer the best at-home dental care to your pets and discuss if other treatments, such as a dental cleaning, are needed.

At Blue Lake Animal Hospital, we want your pet to be healthy. We have a team of experienced veterinarians that have gone through extensive dental training. We are prepared to treat any dental issues your pet may be dealing with.

Reach Out to Blue Lake Animal Hospital for Pet Dental Care

Do not ignore the signs that could lead to undue dental pain and discomfort for your furry friend. Taking the right measures will help your pet have a better smile and better breath. If you have concerns about your pet’s dental health, we can help at Blue Lake Animal Hospital. Visit our website and contact us today to schedule an appointment at our clinic.

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