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Concierge Drop Off Service

Concierge Drop Off Service

Convenient Concierge Drop Off Service

When your pet needs medical attention, you want to ensure your furry friend is in good hands. Getting medical work done is stressful enough for both you and your pet. As part of our efforts to make the process easier, we provide a concierge drop-off service for your convenience.

At Blue Lake Animal Hospital, every animal in our care receives attentive veterinary services.
We understand how hard it can be for families to find the time to fit a veterinary check-up into their busy lifestyles, so we can schedule a drop-off time to better suit your needs.  


How Our Concierge Drop Off Service Works

Outstanding customer experience is a top priority at our veterinary center. As part of maintaining an efficient drop off process, we offer a hassle-free concierge service. Here’s how the process works: 

  • Schedule an appointment time that is similar to a routine office visit. 
  • Before the visit, be sure to let us know about any items of concern or medication refills you need. You may wish to fill out the medication refill form available on our website. Knowing your special requests before the drop off time gives us the opportunity to accommodate you and your pet’s needs. 
  • Once you arrive, please call us and inform our veterinary technicians of any specific medical treatments or tests your pet might need during its visit. 
  • A receptionist will help check your pet in to the hospital, confirm contact information, and answer any questions you may have. For the safety of our staff and your pet, please secure pets via leash or carrier. 
  • From here on, your pet is in capable hands. We will update you with a call once your pet is ready to go home. Please pick up your pet by 6:00 PM the same day as the appointment. 

Dropping off your pet makes it easier for your beloved animal to receive the care it needs without having to rearrange your busy day. We also utilize a kennel system to provide each pet a safe place to rest following the procedure. 

A Hassle-Free Way to Visit a Veterinarian


Blue Lake Animal Hospital strives to provide exemplary veterinary care for all kinds of animals. Having a pet brings so much joy to our lives, yet there’s plenty of responsibility associated with caring for an animal and ensuring it is happy and healthy. Veterinary check-ups are paramount to your pet’s lifelong health, as the tests we do in our office can diagnose disease early and let us administer treatment before the disease progresses. Preventive medicine reduces the risk of many common health conditions in pets, including kidney disease, cancer and more, which is why regular checkups are so important. 

As fellow parents and pet owners ourselves, our veterinarians recognize the difficulty in scheduling appointments when you have so many other responsibilities to juggle. Our state-of-the-art concierge drop-off service was established with your busy lifestyle in mind. Through this service, we are able to work around your schedule and plan a visit that works best for you. Rather than having to wait for your pet’s appointment to end, you can leave after drop off and come back once we’ve called. Rest assured that your pet will be comfortable and happy under our care.

Call Us Today if You Have Any Questions

If you believe our concierge drop-off service is right for your family’s needs, call Blue Lake Animal Hospital today to schedule an appointment.

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