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Grain Free Diets: Do These Popular Diets Help or Harm Dogs?

What is the best food to feed your dog? This question has been asked by many pet owners.  The pet food industry, start-up dog food companies, and social media have jumped on this question in a storm of answers. No longer do dog owners and fur-baby parents simply…

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Celebrating New Year’s With Your Pets

The holidays are a joyous time of celebration for us, but can pose unexpected hazards to you pets. New Year’s celebrations can present opportunities for our pets to get themselves (and us) into trouble. From guests, noises, food, and decorations pets can find themselves in situations that can…

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Christmas Is For Family

Christmas is a magical time of celebration. We love to include all our family members, including our pets! Special times may include treats, decorations, celebrations with family and friends, extra time at home to spend together, or even travel to visit family or for a holiday get-away.  Just…

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