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Benefits of Pet-Proofing Your Home

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Your pet is an important part of your family! Many times we don’t realize how many common household items pose a hazard for animals. It’s important that you pet-proof your home to protect your pet from injury. Our veterinarians at Blue Lake Animal Hospital explored a few of the benefits of taking the time to increase your home’s safety. 

Reduce the Risks of Consuming Dangerous Foods

Think again before sharing your snack with your pet. When you’re enjoying your food, you may feel tempted to give some to your pet. But these “treats” can have some harmful effects on your pet’s health, and in some cases, may even be a hazard. One common danger is chocolate, which is toxic for many animals. A dog or cat that eats chocolate can have an upset stomach, abnormal heart rhythms, and seizures. If too much is eaten, it may be fatal. Dark chocolate is the most dangerous, and there are many other foods that fall under this hazard: grapes, macadamia nuts, artificial sweeteners, and more. 

Keep foods safely stored out of reach, ideally inside a cupboard and sealed container. Make sure you don’t leave plates of food lying around unattended and consider keeping your pet in a separate room during meal times if it can easily reach the table. 

Keep Your Pet Safe From Poisonous Plants

Plants are a common gift for all kinds of occasions. But be careful where you put that bouquet. Many flowers and plants are toxic for pets. Lilies are especially dangerous for cats, since all parts of the flower can cause kidney failure if ingested. Other plants to be aware of include daffodils, azaleas, and tulips. Cats can easily jump onto high places, so be mindful of that when placing your flowers. Ideally, avoid having these plants in your house at all. 

Safely Store Household Medications

Medications for both people and pets are potentially dangerous. Keep all medications in their proper containers and put them in the highest location, away from both pets and children. Likewise, do not use these medications on your pets. A well-intentioned decision to treat a minor ailment in your pet can become a life-threatening situation. Always talk to our veterinarians if your pet has a health issue. We can provide the proper treatments. 

Lower Chances of Escape

Few things are more frightening than learning your pet has escaped your home. In order to prevent such a situation from occurring, make sure all of your windows have sturdy screens when they are open. If your pet loves to explore, consider building a playpen or using baby gates to set boundaries. 

Contact Our Veterinarians for More Information

Whether you recently adopted a pet and want to prepare your home for its arrival or if you want to make your home a safer place for your animal, we can help. Blue Lake Animal Hospital delivers unparalleled services that you can depend on. Call us today to schedule a routine veterinary checkup, and let us know how we can best serve you. 

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