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Reasons to Bring Your Newly Adopted Pet to the Veterinarian

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If you’ve recently adopted a pet, congratulations! Welcoming a new pet into your family is always exciting. Of course, there are several steps to complete to ensure your new pet adjusts to its new home. One of the most important things is a veterinary check-up. While shelters typically do their best to ensure every animal’s health, pets sometimes have health issues when they’ve just arrived from the shelter or pet store. Even if the problem appears to be localized and minor, a professional check-up is a great start to your new life together. Blue Lake Animal Hospital is committed to providing exemplary veterinary services. Here are a few reasons to bring your newly-adopted animal to our office. 

Complete a Thorough Physical Examination

Protecting your pet’s health involves regular exams. Only a professional can identify, diagnose, and treat major health complications. It’s common for animals to have various health issues after being in a shelter. Although these issues tend to be minor, such as needing a nail trim, it’s important to start off on the right footing. A post-adoption physical exam allows us to confirm that your pet has no issues and is ready for its new life under your care. 

Determine Lifestyle Needs

Every pet is different. Sometimes, we may be unprepared for a new pet’s unique lifestyle requirements. For instance, some pets in the shelter had bad experiences in their previous homes, leading them to need some extra time to learn to trust you. A veterinarian can help you determine what kinds of activities would promote bonding, or decide what kinds of bedding would be most comfortable. Similarly, some pets are very active, while senior pets may be more mellow. A playful puppy or kitten may need set times each day reserved for playtime, which increases their happiness. We can help you assess your pet’s lifestyle needs to maximize its happiness.

Develop A Nutrition Plan

A common hurdle new pet parents encounter is understanding their pet’s nutritional needs. With so many pet foods available in stores, you may feel unsure of what kind would be best. It’s too easy to inaccurately measure your pet’s daily caloric intake, so reach out to our vets for advice. We can determine how much and what kind of food your pet needs each day. 

Stay Up-to-Date on Vaccines, Spays and Microchipping

Most animal shelters do a wonderful job of keeping pets healthy through neutering, vaccinations and microchipping, but it’s important to confirm that these are indeed fulfilled. We will review your pet’s medical records to ascertain if it has any pre-existing issues. We will confirm that your pet has all vaccines and is spayed or neutered. Then, we will discuss microchipping if your pet does not have one. Microchipping makes it easier to identify a lost cat or dog if they escape. 

Visit a Veterinarian Today to Create a Preventative Care Plan

Blue Lake Animal Hospital believes prevention is the best medicine. By reducing the risk of certain diseases and health complications, you can ensure your pet lives a happy, long life. Creating a preventative care plan is the first step in promoting your pet’s long-term wellbeing. Schedule your pet’s first visit with a veterinarian by calling our office

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