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Preparing Your Pet for a Successful Vet Visit

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Scheduling regular checkups at Blue Lake Animal Hospital is an essential part of your pet’s wellness strategy. Prevention is possible through diligent veterinary care, as we have the tools needed to spot signs of disease before it escalates. Visiting a veterinarian can be stressful for pets, however, and that’s true for pet owners as well. But have no worry: our friendly staff provides tips for making your pet’s visit a successful one. Call today if you have any questions. 

Tips for a Successful Vet Visit

Visiting a veterinarian doesn’t have to be daunting. By planning ahead and understanding what you can expect, you and your pet can have an enjoyable experience. Consider our tips: 

  • Prepare. Knowing that your pet is in good hands can make a major difference. Our staff will ask you questions regarding your pet’s at-home care, the medication it takes, its diet and any concerns you might have. We may suggest certain tests or treatments that we need your permission for, and you can ask questions about these procedures beforehand. Writing questions down before the appointment can ensure that nothing is overlooked on your part. Also, make a list of medications or supplements that you are providing for your pet. Miscommunication is a major detriment to a successful visit, so preparing allows you to adequately express your concerns. 
  • Give Yourself Time. Ideally, you and your pet should arrive a few minutes before the appointment time. We all find ourselves running late at times, especially if an emergency comes up. However, being even a few minutes late to your appointment can impact the rest of our schedule and leave you with less time to talk to our veterinarians. Always plan ahead to get to appointments on time. 
  • Bring Your Pet When It’s Hungry. Pets are often stressed when in an unfamiliar environment, especially one that’s filled with so many sights, sounds and scents. We provide treats to ease their discomfort, and these are more appealing when your pet is hungry. Consider bringing in some treats from home if your pet is picky or has a sensitive stomach. 
  • Let Us Know About an Anxious Pet. We’re familiar with handling pets that have anxiety. If your pet is having trouble with the car ride, getting in the office, or is anxious about its appointment, let us know and we’ll accommodate your pet accordingly. We can also prescribe medications to lower anxiety and reduce the stress of the visit. 
  • Travel Comfortably. For your pet, the visit begins in your vehicle. Safety is the priority, and a pleasant car ride makes it more likely that the appointment will be less stressful. Make sure you use a properly-fitted collar or harness and a comfortable carrier. 

Every pet is different, of course, so it’s understandable not to know the best approach to reduce your pet’s stress. If there’s something specific you’d like to discuss with our team, simply let us know and we’ll be happy to assist you. 

Call Today for an Appointment

First-time visits tend to be the most stressful, so give yourself plenty of time to organize your questions beforehand. We want you and your pet to have the best visit possible, so reach out today for more information. 

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