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Pet Care Made Easy With Our Concierge Drop-Off Services

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You and your pet’s satisfaction is always our priority at Blue Lake Animal Hospital. One of the ways we meet your family’s busy lifestyle is through our concierge drop-off service. Pet owners can simply call for an appointment, pull up to our office, and we will handle your pet from there. It’s a quick, easy way to ensure your pet receives the care it needs. There are many advantages to utilizing this service, and we explore just a few of the possibilities below. Be sure to reach out if you have further questions. 

More Convenient for You

Veterinary checkups are a key part of supporting your pet’s health. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to arrange an appointment and spend time waiting in an office when you have a lot to contend with in your daily life. Additionally, it’s not always easy to handle unexpected situations where your pet needs attention right away. Our concierge drop-off service takes away the hassle. Rather than needing to wait in-office for the appointment to finish, you will receive a call from our team once your pet is ready. There’s no rush, as your pet will stay comfortable in our kennel system if you need to wait until later. You are free to pick up your pet at the soonest opportunity before 6:30 PM that day. 


Visiting a veterinarian can be as stressful for you as it is for your pet. We aim to make the process as smooth as possible, and our concierge drop-off service is one of the many ways we do so. All you need to do is schedule your visit and drop-off time. Then, you can simply pull up to our building and let us handle everything. No matter what kind of pet you have, this makes the process so much easier when you don’t have the time to wait in-office. 

Easier for Some Pets

If your pet is easily frightened by other animals, know that our drop-off service circumvents the issue entirely. It’s common for cats and some dogs to hide beneath chairs and furniture in our office when they spot other animals in the room. While we ensure our office is safe and comfortable for all visitors, it may be easier on your pet to simply drop it off. Unfamiliar spaces can bring anxiety for some pets and lead to an upset stomach, increased pulse rate and other issues, so helping your pet stay relaxed makes the experience easier. 

Schedule Your Drop-Off Time Today!

If it’s time for your pet’s routine exam, choose our state of the art services at Blue Lake Animal Hospital to ensure your pet receives nothing less than the best. Our team is proud to serve you and your pet as your dependable veterinary hospital. We make scheduling checkups a breeze with our concierge drop-off services. To learn more, or to plan your visit, call our office today. We look forward to assisting you and your pet. 

Pet Care Made Easy With Our Concierge Drop-Off Services
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