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Halloween is fun for families and many of us love to include our fur family in the festivities. Costumes, treats, and parties are all activities that may involve our pets. Recently, there has been an increased focus on safety for everyone and this should include our pets as well.

Treats: Most human treats, especially candy and chocolates, are not safe for pets. Chocolate and xylitol (an artificial sweetener used in candy or gum) are both particularly toxic. Even the wrappers, sucker sticks, or plastic parts can be dangerous. Puppies and kittens are especially vulnerable due to their smaller size and curiosity. Make sure that these treats are securely put away. Some pets are particularly adept at getting into almost anywhere! Consider stocking up on some pet-appropriate treats that you can use to include your fur family in the Halloween fun.

Costumes: There are some amazing fun costumes available to purchase or you may get creative and design your own. We recommend keeping your pet’s opinion in mind when dressing them up for Halloween. Make sure the costume is comfortable, appropriate for your pet, and that they are ok with wearing it. Try it on and get them used to wearing their costume well before Halloween. Avoid batteries and lights or light sticks as these can be hazardous to them.

Parties and Trick or Treating: Whether you include your pet in a party at home, bring them to a friend’s house, or take them along to Trick or Treat, look at it from your pet’s perspective. Does the noise, presence of guests, doorbell ringing, going to unfamiliar places or up to strangers’ homes upset your pet or make them anxious? You may want to consider leaving them safely at home or creating a safe space inside your home for them. Remember to keep your pet safe from pranksters or others who may tease them (especially black cats). If you take your pet out with you, be careful to leash them and consider identification tags or having them microchipped—just in case you get separated.

Halloween is a fun evening many look forward to all year. Including your pet may be an important part of your celebration. At Blue Lake Animal Hospital, we wish everyone a happy, safe Halloween!

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