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How You Can Reduce Your Dog’s Shedding

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Any dog owner can relate to the frustration of a dog’s shedding. Your furry friend’s hair seems to get everywhere. Dogs can shed in large quantities, and often more than we may realize. If you’ve had enough of showing up to work with fur-covered clothes and cleaning off your furniture, know that there are steps you can take to lessen the mess. Blue Lake Animal Hospital helps pet owners like you provide the best possible care for their pets. Follow these suggestions to reduce your dog’s shedding. 

What Are Ways to Reduce a Dog’s Shedding?

Shedding is natural in many animals, especially during the change of seasons. Dogs tend to shed after winter when they lose their thick coat in preparation for the warmer months. Just like humans shed hair, dogs will lose unhealthy hair strands that then make way for new growth. This happens regularly throughout the entire year. 

Since some amount of shedding is expected and unavoidable, you might be wondering if there is any effective way to manage the mess. There are several ways you can minimize how much fur your pet sheds, including: 

  • Brush Your Dog Daily. Brushing is highly effective because it removes the fur before it ends up elsewhere. Regular brushing is necessary for minimizing the impacts of a shedding dog. If your dog is shedding due to seasonal changes, we suggest brushing at least once a day. To keep fur from spreading in your home, brush your dog outside if possible. Doing so will remove dead, loose fur that would otherwise end up on your clothes. 
  • Weekly Baths. Spring tends to be the time of year when dogs shed the most, particularly in breeds with thick undercoats. Regular baths using conditioning shampoo help to remove excess hair and detangle your dog’s coat. Be sure to brush your dog before the bath to avoid clogging your sink or tub with their fur. 
  • Keep Your Dog Calm. Stress can increase shedding. If your dog is prone to anxiety, create a routine to lessen its stress. Consider soothing music made for dogs, treats and antianxiety sprays. Pets may shed more when undergoing a major life transition, such as traveling or being in a crowd. 
  • Maintain Parasite Control. Fleas and other parasites are common when it’s warmer out. Insect bites will cause your dog to scratch more, which can lead to unintended hair loss. Keep up with preventative medication to reduce the risks. 
  • Keep Your Dog Hydrated and Well Fed. Proper nutrition and hydration are key to a healthy, shiny coat. Dogs should be given proper nutrition that supports a strong coat and healthy skin. We can advise you to find food that suits your dog’s needs. 

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