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How to Reduce Pet Allergens at Home

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So many of us enjoy sharing our homes with pets, even people with allergies to animals. While some people may believe that they must remove their pet after an allergy diagnosis, there are several solutions to minimize allergy flare-ups while keeping your beloved pet in your life. You may be surprised to know how many millions of people can safely live with their pets, even with severe allergies. 

Reducing pet allergens in your home is possible using a few key steps. Review your options below and talk to our veterinarians at Blue Lake Animal Hospital for all the information you need to keep your pet happy. 

Establish an “Allergy Free” Zone

One method to limiting allergies is to restrict your pet from certain parts of the house, especially areas that are more susceptible to dander and dust accumulation. Create an “allergy-free” zone where you can escape. This is an area where your pet’s access is significantly restricted. Many people choose their bedroom, although you may include other rooms in your house. In addition to prohibiting your pet’s entry, use an air filter and impermeable bedding cover to reduce the risk of allergens. 

Adjust your Home Environment

If you have a pet that triggers your allergies, make a few changes to your home environment and furnishings to limit the accumulation of allergens. For instance, hardwood floors are often preferred to carpets since these are the largest soft structures in your home, and they can become a source of allergies. Include HEPA air cleaners throughout your home to promote the circulation of fresh air. Keep your furnishings in mind too. Avoid cloth curtains and other dust-collecting decorations to limit the amount of dander in your living areas. As a result, you’ll be able to breathe easier. 

Regularly Groom Your Pet

Grooming your pet is an effective way of removing dander before it collects inside your home. Brushing and bathing distribute fur and dander to suitable places and keep it off of your furniture and out of the air. Since every pet is different, talk to a veterinarian to determine a feasible grooming plan. Long-haired animals may require more frequent brushing, as do those that shed. Healthy cats, on the other hand, typically do not need baths due to their fastidious nature. Instead, regularly brush and comb their fur. 

Clean Your House Regularly

Allergies can be readily managed simply by keeping your house clean. Regular dusting can remove dander and allergens from your home and prevent them from accumulating on your living space. Also, change your HVAC filters to remove trapped debris and prevent more allergens from recirculating into the air. A few simple home maintenance tips can eliminate some of the dander and reduce your allergies. 

Visit Blue Lake Animal Hospital

Living with pets means there will always be some dander in your home. However, you don’t have to let allergies keep you from enjoying the bond between you and your furry friend. Contact our team at Blue Lake Animal Hospital to discuss your pet’s health. 

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