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Veterinary Dentist By Me

Oral hygiene is a key part of your pet’s health regimen. Just like people, dental problems impact the rest of a pet’s well-being, meaning regular dental cleanings are necessary for optimal health. Here at Blue Lake Animal Hospital, we identify and treat oral health issues that your pet is at risk for. We offer comprehensive guidance so you can maintain your pet’s teeth at home. Contact us now to speak to a “veterinary dentist by me.”

What Is a Veterinary Dentist?

A veterinary dentist is a specialist who provides oral health care services for animals. A veterinarian provides regular dental cleanings to prevent and treat gingivitis, cavities, tooth decay and other issues in pets. Veterinary dentists also take x-rays, complete tooth extractions and perform oral surgery. 

At Blue Lake Animal Hospital, our veterinary dentists uphold your highest expectations. We strive to provide superior care for our clients, and we pride ourselves on continuously improving what we do. You’ll be pleased by what our veterinary dentists provide for you and your pet.

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The Importance of Your Pet’s Oral Health

Healthy teeth are an essential part of your pet’s physical well-being. Pets face all kinds of dental problems, from gum disease to tooth injuries. Gingivitis is incredibly common among dogs and cats, and what many pet owners realize is that poor oral health is more than just bad breath. Bacteria in the mouth can enter the bloodstream and cause inflammation and disease in other organs, including the heart, making regular dental cleanings paramount.

Our veterinarians perform thorough examinations to identify dental issues and treat diseases before they become severe. We build customized prevention plans that consider your pet’s unique wellness needs for maximum efficacy. A checkup is also an opportunity to discuss your concerns. We can provide advice for keeping your pet’s teeth healthy at home, such as setting up a daily hygiene routine. 

Our Commitment to You

Oral health issues can lead to major complications and infections, so they are deserving of attention. If you believe it’s time for your pet to receive a dental checkup, give us a call. Blue Lake Animal Hospital goes above and beyond in caring for every animal that arrives in our office. We continuously strive to do our very best as the veterinarians you rely on when your pet requires dedicated care. At our office, you’ll discover a full range of treatments and services to support every aspect of your pet’s health. We put preventative medicine at the forefront since we believe that stopping health issues before they happen is the best possible outcome. Depend on our talented team for superior care.     

Call Our Office Today to Schedule a Veterinary Dental Checkup

If you’re looking for a “veterinary dentist by me,” turn to our reliable team at Blue Lake Animal Hospital. We deliver the care you and your pet need. We look forward to serving you and your family.

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