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Christmas Is For Family

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Christmas is a magical time of celebration. We love to include all our family members, including our pets! Special times may include treats, decorations, celebrations with family and friends, extra time at home to spend together, or even travel to visit family or for a holiday get-away.  Just like we work hard to make sure the holidays are safe for our little ones, we need to watch our pets as well.

To our pets, the holidays mean lots of changes. Changes can be exciting! The house changes as decorations and a tree go up. There are new and interesting foods to consider. Lights, extension cords, distracted owners, extra people coming and going, a change in routines and schedules—all can be fun for your pet but also potentially hazardous and/or stressful.

Make sure that ornaments and decorations are safe or placed out of reach since your pet may consider them a new toy. Anything made of glass or with small parts is particularly dangerous. Electrical cords sometimes become a chew toy and nibbling on holiday plants may be toxic to your pet. Watch carefully for any signs that they have tried them. It is fairly common knowledge that chocolate is bad for pets, but remember that the more theobromine (the toxic chemical in chocolate) the candy has, the more severe the symptoms will be. Dark chocolate is the most dangerous and can lead to vomiting and convulsions. Less commonly known is that xylitol, a sweetener often used in candy, is also extremely toxic to dogs and causes low blood sugar, seizures, and liver failure.

A happy time of celebration turns anxious when a pet goes missing. Unfortunately, with busy schedules, lots of distractions, family members and company coming and going, or travel, pets occasionally get lost during the holidays. You may want to consider a microchip for your pet if they do not have one already. A microchip is easy for your veterinarian to place and can be scanned to locate you and safely return a wandering furry family member.

Finally, consider that what is an exciting time for you and your human family may be an anxious time for your pet. You may need to protect them from visiting small children’s over affection or provide a safe space and quiet time. Keep their routines as normal as possible, including meal times and potty breaks to prevent accidents. Make sure that special holiday treats are meant for your pet and avoid human food as much as possible.

Celebrations are wondrous. Enjoy them with your entire family!! At Blue Lake Animal Hospital we want to wish you a joy-filled wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year. We believe providing excellent family-oriented care for your pets helps ensure many happy memories for you and your family.

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