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Heartworms & Pets

Mosquitos are the single largest source of spreading disease and pathogens both to humans and to animals. The mosquito is responsible for millions of infections and over a million human deaths worldwide each year. While mosquitos can carry literally hundreds of diseases, the number one risk to pets…

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Preventing Ectoparasites

Ticks are already making their appearance this spring and fleas can become an issue as the weather continues to warm up. Keeping your pet and your family safe from fleas and ticks is important and fortunately relatively easy to do. It’s important to understand these parasites, their life…

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Ticks and Lyme Disease

Tick season is here. As temperatures warm up above freezing, ticks begin to be active or to hatch. The first thing they need is a blood meal. Any warm-blooded animal will do and this is where you or your family pet may fall victim to a tick bite.…

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