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Benefits of Pet-Proofing Your Home

Your pet is an important part of your family! Many times we don’t realize how many common household items pose a hazard for animals. It’s important that you pet-proof your home to protect your pet from injury. Our veterinarians at Blue Lake Animal Hospital explored a few of…

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How to Properly Care for Your Senior Pet

Senior pets are full of love. It’s important to understand the differences in care requirements for aging pets versus young ones. As your pet gets older, its hearing and sight decrease, and it may develop mobility issues. They are also at a higher risk for certain chronic diseases.…

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Vet-Approved Methods for Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth

Between cavities, gingivitis and tooth loss, it’s no surprise that oral hygiene is an essential part of keeping your pet healthy. Daily brushing can make all the difference in your pet’s energy by protecting it against infections, inflammation and other associated issues. For most pet owners, however, this…

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Managing your pet’s medical needs is easy when you use our online pharmacy. Renew your pet’s prescription and purchase FDA-approved medication right from the comfort of your home. If you have any questions, contact us to speak with a trusted veterinarian.

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