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How Do I Know if My Pet is in Pain?

As a pet owner, it’s your responsibility to watch out for your pet at all times. Since animals can’t communicate with us the way people can with each other, we have to pay attention to their behaviors to tell when something’s wrong. This is especially true for pets…

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How to Reduce Pet Allergens at Home

So many of us enjoy sharing our homes with pets, even people with allergies to animals. While some people may believe that they must remove their pet after an allergy diagnosis, there are several solutions to minimize allergy flare-ups while keeping your beloved pet in your life. You…

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How to Solve Your Cat’s Behavioral Issues

Cats are often thought of as mysterious creatures. A cat’s temperament and personality are determined by several key factors in its early life and you may not always be able to tell why it behaves the way it does. Cats experience a range of emotions, including anxiety, hunger,…

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