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Fireworks! Happy 4th of July!

Fireworks are an important part of many celebrations, especially on the 4th of July. Most of us enjoy watching fireworks with friends and family as we celebrate this holiday. Unfortunately, dogs often do not share our love of fireworks. Bright flashes of light and loud bangs can be…

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The Reward of Microchipping Your Pet

If you have ever lost a pet, you know all too well that sinking feeling, the panic, and the fear of what may happen to them. It can happen so fast. A door left open, a trip to the park or a slipped collar are all opportunities for…

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Pets and Allergies

It’s the middle of the night and you can’t sleep. Your dog is keeping you awake with their constant scratching and licking. Pets, like their humans, can suffer from allergies. Dog and cat allergies can be tricky to diagnose, but the most common sign is itching. Human allergy…

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