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How to Introduce Your Dog to Your Baby

Dogs are very perceptive, so it’s no surprise if your dog already senses that something is changing. But even if they have noticed the shift in the atmosphere, it doesn’t mean they fully understand how your household will soon change. Introducing your baby to your dog is simple…

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Tips on Pet Poison Prevention

Pets are often happiest when they can be adventurous. We love the energy pets bring to the household, but sometimes, pets get into situations they shouldn’t be in. Many harmful substances in households can be poisonous or even fatal to your pet, so it’s important to prepare for…

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Benefits of Pet-Proofing Your Home

Your pet is an important part of your family! Many times we don’t realize how many common household items pose a hazard for animals. It’s important that you pet-proof your home to protect your pet from injury. Our veterinarians at Blue Lake Animal Hospital explored a few of…

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