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Bad Breath – Is that a problem?

Dental health is critical to your pet's well-being. Your veterinarian will take a good look at your pet’s teeth at every wellness visit. We want your pet to have healthy teeth. What are the signs of periodontal disease and what should you look for? You can help check…

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February is Pet Dental Health Month

Healthy pets are happy pets. Dental health is critical to pets’ well-being. Veterinarians focus on oral health not just during the month of February, but with their patients all year long. What can owners do to keep their pet’s teeth healthy? The most important thing a pet parent…

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Grain Free Diets: Do These Popular Diets Help or Harm Dogs?

What is the best food to feed your dog? This question has been asked by many pet owners.  The pet food industry, start-up dog food companies, and social media have jumped on this question in a storm of answers. No longer do dog owners and fur-baby parents simply…

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