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Caring For Your French Bulldog Puppies

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A French bulldog is a wonderful addition to your family. This loyal, kindhearted animal is one of the most popular dogs, and for a good reason. Frenchies are great companions that require attentive care throughout their lives, especially in the first few weeks to months. French bulldog puppies need specialized care that new owners may feel unprepared to provide. If you need advice, our veterinarians at Blue Lake Animal Hospital are here to help. We provide individualized care for every animal that arrives at our office, including French bulldogs. We have years of experience with this breed and impart our knowledge to pet owners like you. Here are a few tips when caring for your French bulldog puppies.  

Grooming Is A Necessity

Frenchies have a distinct “wrinkled” appearance that is adorable and iconic. Due to its structure, however, these folds of skin need regular cleaning to prevent infections. Dirt and other debris can increase the risk of skin infection, putting your pup’s health at risk. Regularly clean your French bulldog with a soft, moist towel in addition to baths. Their eyes and ears also need weekly cleaning—if you need assistance, our veterinarians are more than happy to help.  

Provide a Cool, Comfortable Living Space

Due to their nasal structure, French Bulldogs cannot inhale enough air to reduce their internal body temperature. Keep your home comfortable and cool in the summer. Heat-related diseases can especially affect this breed due to their short nostrils, so pet owners should take precautionary action to ensure the puppies stay cool. A sprinkler can also be a handy tool for keeping your puppies comfortable. If your Frenchie is panting, drooling or weak, immediately call our veterinarians. 

Nutritional Counseling to Support Growth

The first few weeks of a puppy’s life is a time of significant growth and change, so they need plenty of food to keep them strong. French bulldogs generally need high amounts of animal protein to maintain their energy and shiny coat. A veterinarian can help you build an individualized nutrition plan to support your pup’s growth. 

Be Aware of Back Problems

French bulldogs are at a higher risk for back issues and spinal deformities. Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) is unfortunately common in this breed. IVDD occurs when soft tissues in the vertebrae rupture and press on the spinal cord, leading to significant pain and impaired nerve function. Moreover, French bulldogs tend to be more prone to spinal cord damage due to birth deformities. Our veterinarians can help you understand the signs of back issues and teach you how to best care for your French bulldog.  

Call a Veterinarian for Advice

If you aren’t sure of how to best care for your puppies, Blue Lake Animal Hospital provides the answers you need. Our veterinarians can help you provide the best care for your puppies so they can live their healthiest, happiest lives. A full physical exam can help ensure your puppies are at their best and ready to start their new lives under your care. Call our office today to schedule a visit. 

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